Wednesday, 23 April 2008

How to avoid your MOSS WebSite Breaking - Part-2

This time we will see how the contributors group work.
-- (will continue this shortly,now am moved to SSRS integration with MOSS)

These are some of the videos from Microsoft on usage of SharePointDesigner(SPD)

Opening the Sharepoint designer via Command line with the required page.
1. Go to windows--Run
2. Type in "spdesign.exe /n http://servername/sitename/page.aspx".
  • This opens the sharepoint designer with a copy of page of our choice.
Happy SPD'ing


Anonymous said...

Is there any choice to open the Sharepoint central Administaration or Sharepoint Application through the command Line??

muki said...

Yes. You can open the Central Administration from Command Prompt.
1) Open command prompt
2) Type in psconfigui.exe -cmd showcentraladmin.

Then your central admin opens.